D. Miles has easily dominated every venue and party with his infectious energy. His enthusiasm for music and passion for rocking crowds undoubtedly sets him apart from other entertainers. In a recent interview while on tour D. Miles stated “I consider myself to be very versatile; and feel blessed that I can DJ for the masses every night ". "I love catering to the ladies, if they’re happy then everyone is happy”.


D-Miles grew up in Inglewood, California.  As an only child he learned to entertain himself through sports and music.  Studying his grandfather and uncle in the Reggae and Jazz scene made it easy for him the adapt and showcase his talents in music.  In the early years, no high school dance or college party rocked unless D was spinning.  Once he touched down in the entertainment capital of the world, his DJ legacy truly began.


Although Las Vegas is his current stomping ground, on the national and international level D-Miles is hard to miss.  He has performed at many of the hottest spots in Hollywood, San Francisco, Texas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle, Washington D.C., Vancouver, The Dominican Republic and Taipei.


Current residencies for D-Miles include Hakkasan, Omnia LV, 1-OAK, Jewel Nightclub, Drais, Hyde Bellagio, and Foundation Room.  He is also one of the hosts of a highly successful DJ podcast called Reflections of a DJ (R.O.A.D.) which was established in 2017.